My life is better

I want to thank you for inventing the GeeWhiz.  I have been homebound for sometime after having a stroke.  I did not want to go out since I knew evertime someone looked at me they could smell urine and knew I was wearing diapers.  I tried so many catheters and finally came across the GeeWhiz.  What a difference and it really works.  I do not have any limitations any longer. Again, thanks.

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Parkinson patients with urgency

My husband gets up frequently during the night to go to the bathroom and has fallen many times trying to get to the bathroom.  He just does not make it in time and falls while rushing.  I have tried many condom catheters and he had many problems with them.  They fell of as well as irritated his skin.  I found the GeeWhiz, and it has made such a difference. The product stays on while making it easy to take on and off.  He wears it 24 hours and what a difference this has made.  Another advantage is that it is covered by his Medicare.     Betty J.

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Freedom after Prostate Surgery from urine incontinence

After my prostate surgery I was not aware I would have the issue of incontinence. All I wanted to do was get back to work, but could not wearing adult diapers. I found the GeeWhiz and it proved to be the answer to my problem. I just put it on in the morning and have confidence throughout the day that I will have no accidents. Thank you and anyone should check out this product at Adam S.

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GeeWhiz® — The Award Winning Revolution

Our product has stood the test of time. The GeeWhiz® has shown in the last ten years that it is worthy of (what seems like) the impossible task that is defeating the stress and worry related to Male Urinary Incontinence.

There are currently over 25 million people in America who struggle with urinary incontinence — in 2010, 40 million Americans turned 65.

Even though incontinence is not directly associated with old age, the rates of incontinence increase amongst people age 65 or older.

Not only does the GeeWhiz® help men of ALL AGES defeat the stress of Urinary Incontinence, It defeats the worry of those around them — Caregivers, Nurses, Wives, Sons, Daughters and all manner of people who have concern for them.

Still not sure about the GeeWhiz®? Give us a call. We want to talk with you. Yes, you.

(800) 639-9323

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10% Discount — This Weekend ONLY!!!

10% Discount -- This Weekend ONLY!!!

Would you like to try out the GeeWhiz®???

For this weekend only, use the above code at checkout to receive 10% off of your order for our online store…If you would like to visit our online catalog, just click on the image above!!!

Happy Friday!

Best Wishes,

~The GeeWhiz® Team~
***OFFER ENDS 1/28/2014***

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Take Back The Night! (And your weekend…)

Take Back The Night! (And your weekend...)

Happy Friday from all of us at GeeWhiz®

We hope that you have a stellar weekend…and remember, if you or a loved one struggles with MALE URINARY INCONTINENCE, we can help you!!!

We are dedicated to providing you with better-than-satisfactory service through a more-than-brilliant product.

If you suffer with Male Urinary Incontinence — be ready for your life to get changed. Call us today!

(800) 639-9322

PS. Want to check out the product now? Click on the image above!!

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Is The GeeWhiz® Right For You?

Well – if you or someone you know struggles with male urinary incontinence… Yes.

The GeeWhiz® exists to meet the needs of individuals who suffer the consequences of male urinary incontinence. It is absolutely the best condom catheter on the market.

All other condom catheter systems have a 93% FAILURE RATE.

Arguably the best part about the GeeWhiz® is that we will work with you over the phone to help the product suit your needs. If it didn’t work for you, it probably had to do with your method of application — and we can help you perfect that. The GeeWhiz® is so user friendly and unique in the medical device field.

Consider contacting us if you struggle with any of the following:

  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Enlarged Prostate/Recent Prostate Surgery
  • Nocturnal Enuresis
  • Interstitial Cystitis
  • Urgency
  • Frequent Trips to the Restroom
  • Many More…!

Best Wishes!!

~The GeeWhiz® Team~


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